Interior design and construction

Over the past few years, we have many projects in China, and our materials are already in the world
Be widely used. Representative project:
China Beijing new world Qing Fang Fang spa Pavilion / New, World, Suma, Spa, Beijing, China
Audi Park, Beijing, China / Audi, Forum, Beijing, China
World Bank headquarters, Beijing, China, / Bank, Headquarters, World, Beijing, China
China Beijing Wanguo apartment / Embassy House, Beijing, China
China Beijing Daimler Chrysler, Lexmark, IBM, DDT and other companies, Offices, for, Daimler-Chrysler, Lexmark, IBM, Deloitte, etc., Beijing, China
SHL, Flagship, showroom, Shanghai
-FATA, Group, Offices, Beijing
-Chiomenti, Studio, Legale, Beijing & Shanghai
-Lega-Collucci, Studio, Legale, Beijing
-Capital, Club, Ballroom, Beijing
-Taikang, Office, Tower, Beijing
-Main, reception, Hall, for, Victoria, Garden, Beijing
-Le, Royal, Meridien, Hotel, Dubai, United, Arab, Emirates
-Fairmont, Hotel, Dubai, United, Arab, Emirates
China Beijing Xiangjiang garden private villa, Continental court, spring hair garden, superior mountain, beautiful land and so on
Private, villas, in, Beijing, Riviera, Eurovillage, Quanfa, Garden,
GreenPark, Yosemite, Villas, etc, Beijing, China
Chinese Zhejiang coastal lake villa mansion, Segt a villa, Lake Villa International
Zhejiang Yongkang white China Xijiao villa, Sichuan high garden villas, villas and so on./Ect. Sisin