Green concept

We not only use green environmental protection materials, but we also take corresponding actions to protect the environment. In our company, paying attention to environmental problems and reducing pollution is not an abstract idea, but a real practice.
Environmental protection is part of our philosophy, and what we do is to reduce the damage to the environment.
DeLang implements clean and efficient engineering site and workplace policies, including efficient waste disposal, rational allocation of resources, and promotion of energy-efficient lighting and efficient use of machinery and equipment.
For example, we prepare materials and cleaning tools, the water used by the machine can be automatically recycled to a sedimentation tank, sewage can be reused. In doing so, we not only save a lot of water, but also save the electricity needed for the treatment of sewage.
Sustainable coatings:
Unlike ordinary coatings companies, manufacturers of natural coatings are committed to ensuring that their raw materials come from sustainable sources and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Their goal is to minimize the pollution caused by the product throughout the production process and to reduce waste and waste generation in the production process. Natural paint manufacturers will also consider the recycling of their products. They publish a list of ingredients that will give consumers a practical understanding of what they are using. Natural coatings are safe and non-toxic, which makes them the best choice for consumers who care for the earth's homes and protect the offspring of mankind.
We are part of the environment. Not only do we call on us to practice